General Assignment Reporting

General assignment reporting provides a wide range of opportunities to interact with the community. I enjoy learning about issues that affect different segments of society and explaining them to a broader audience.

To read the accompanying articles I wrote for each story online, click on the titles. The links redirect to KRCG 13’s website.

Cops on Top chill on grocery store roof to fundraise for Special Olympics

Despite a wind chill of 15 degrees below zero, four corrections officers spent an entire day on the roof of a grocery store in Tipton, Mo. to raise money for Special Olympics. I caught up with them during their vigil.

Officials say too little information for Monday tornado warning

As a follow-up to the Dec. 4 tornado, I asked Randolph County’s emergency management director why Higbee-area tornado sirens weren’t sounded. I also asked the National Weather Service why no tornado warning was ever issued.

Local Pearl Harbor survivor recounts attack, aftermath

On Pearl Harbor Day 2017, I sat down with a Jefferson City survivor to hear his story of the attack and his thoughts on how people view the attack today.

MoDOT administrator says riding in truck beds puts passengers at risk

After a pickup truck crash put a man in the hospital who had been riding in the truck bed, I talked with transportation experts about the dangers the practice poses.

Church says vigilance key after Texas shooting

Following the shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, I talked to a Columbia church about its emergency response plans.

Snow plow drivers practice routes as winter nears

Columbia sent its snow plow drivers out on practice runs in November, prior to the first snow. I rode along with one of the drivers to discuss how viewers could make his job easier.

Five-year-old in stable condition after being struck by bus

I was the first reporter on the scene after a bus ran over a girl in Moberly, Mo. In this report, I ask eyewitnesses what they saw.