General Assignment Reporting

General assignment reporting provides a wide range of opportunities to interact with the community. I enjoy learning about issues that affect different segments of society and explaining them to a broader audience.

To read the accompanying articles I wrote for each story online, click on the titles. The links redirect to KRCG 13’s website.

Body of Darnell Gray found Tuesday morning, investigation continues

The disappearance of a Jefferson City toddler in late October 2018 led to a massive search effort by nearly a dozen public safety agencies and hundreds of volunteers. After four-year-old Darnell Gray’s body was found, the FBI assisted Jefferson City police in investigating the death.

Friends combine slimy fun with a good cause

While covering a local fall festival, I came across two girls who were raising money for local children with special needs. As this story shows, they took a slightly different approach to the fundraiser. I anchored our newscasts that night in addition to my reporting duties.

Locals dismayed as Waynesville newspaper shutters

The closure of the Waynesville Daily Guide left the town without a local newspaper. I asked locals how this impacted their daily lives.

Dixon residents say officials didn’t alert them to boil advisory

Residents of a Pulaski County town alerted us that their city leadership hadn’t told them about a boil advisory. As I discovered, residents consider this part of an ongoing problem.

Farmer says ongoing drought may put some out of business

This all-drone-footage package demonstrates to viewers the ongoing effects of the summer 2018 drought on Missouri farmers.