In-Depth Reporting

Some stories are too complex or too powerful to tell in a traditional 1- to 1.5-minute package. In-depth, well-researched, human-focused stories offer the public a chance to examine issues that otherwise would remain hidden from their view. This page showcases some of the investigations and other in-depth reports I have put together for KRCG 13.

To read the accompanying articles I wrote for each story online, click on the titles. The links redirect to KRCG 13’s website.

Your child, self-defense and bullies

This story explores self-defense options for children concerned about bullying.
A viewer messaged me via social media to alert me to a nearly two-year delay in her Social Security disability case. I discovered her case is typical of those working through the disability system.

Fallout Facts: Assessing mid-Missouri’s nuclear threat

As tensions with North Korea rose, I looked into the threat posed by nuclear weapons and what our viewers can do to protect themselves.

Cash-strapped nursing homes fear federal Medicaid cuts

While Congressional Republicans considered a presidential budget request that included major changes to Medicaid, I looked at how those changes might affect nursing homes and the people who live in them.

Age discrimination filings rise as workforce grows older

While Missouri lawmakers debated significant changes to the state’s workplace discrimination laws, I took a broader look at the issue of age discrimination as America’s workforce ages.