In-Depth Reporting

Some stories are too complex or too powerful to tell in a traditional 1- to 1.5-minute package. In-depth, well-researched, human-focused stories offer the public a chance to examine issues that otherwise would remain hidden from their view. This page showcases some of the investigations and other in-depth reports I have put together during my career.

Serafina Fish Goes for the Championship

During 2019, Garner, N.C. preteen Serafina Fish won a national karate championship and a shot at a world title. A sequel to this story, which aired after her world title bout, can be found in my montage reel.

Your child, self-defense and bullies

This story explores self-defense options for children concerned about bullying.

Benefit Backlog: Judge shortage leaves disability applicants with few options

A viewer messaged me via social media to alert me to a nearly two-year delay in her Social Security disability case. I discovered her case is typical of those working through the disability system.