Political Reporting

Missouri School of Journalism founder Walter Williams wrote, “I believe the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public.” Political reporting allows reporters to serve as the public trustees Williams wrote of. By developing a keen understanding of the policy questions facing leaders, I help hold policymakers accountable and assist voters in making informed decisions.

To read the accompanying articles I wrote for each story online, click on the titles. The links redirect to KRCG 13’s website.

Lambert hosts presidential visit for second time in a year

President Donald Trump landed in St. Louis for a second time in July of 2018 on his way to Granite City, Ill. Once again, I provided coverage from the airport of his arrival and departure.

Missourians to see individual income tax cut under new law

When Gov. Mike Parson signed a tax cut bill into law, I crunched the numbers to show viewers how much they could expect to save and when.

McCaskill co-sponsors bill to allow drone interceptions near secure areas

When Congress considered allowing law enforcement to intercept drones near sensitive areas, I asked a local commercial UAS operator how this might affect people with drones of their own.

Missouri Gov. Greitens invasion of privacy case dismissed

On the afternoon of May 14, 2018, the state dropped an invasion of privacy charge against Gov. Eric Greitens just as jury selection for the trial was nearly complete. I gave this live report mere minutes after the case was dismissed.

Opioid prescription limit nears legislative finish line

Missouri lawmakers in 2018 explored the possibility of setting a 7-day supply limit to most opioid prescriptions. This story updated viewers on the bill’s status and explained its key provisions.

Treasurer says retirement fund in worse shape than anticipated

Eight months into his term as State Treasurer, Eric Schmitt informed lawmakers Missouri’s state retirement fund was significantly underfunded. This report explains how the fund ended up in this situation.